Newspaper Theft Reported By Seniors in Somerville, Mayor Curtatone Suspected of Hiding Newspapers from Seniors

By William Tauro

This past Thursday a senior citizens representative for seniors of Pearl Street Park, a senior housing apartment complex, reported a theft of stacks of The Somerville News Weekly print edition publication copies from their building.

Pearl Street Park an 86 Unit Apartment Building (HUD)is located at 240 Pearl Street in Somerville.

Angry Somerville senior residents along with a representative contacted Somerville News Weekly early Thursday morning letting the staff know that prior the day before on Wednesday, all the newspapers were missing or suspected stolen from the building.

Coincidentally enough, the senior on the phone reporting the incident went on to say suspecting that Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone and his campaign staffers were in the building at the same time for a political meet and greet and carried off all the papers to hide them from the Somerville seniors.

Print editions of the Somerville News Weekly have been suspiciously disappearing across the city over the past two months.

Many are pointing the finger at Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone and his campaign staffers for using a sleazy political tactic and stealing the copies every week.

They are telling us that the alleged reasoning behind this is the mayor and his campaign workers are trying to hide any potential bad news that voters, especially the Somerville seniors will read during this campaign cycle.

Curtatone and members of his administration including a police captain have been in the news over the past three months with multiple reported allegations against them of corruption, racketeering extortion, witness intimidation, harassment and character assassination throughout the mayor’s administration.

Criminal complaints have also been filed against the mayor and five others including members of his administration as well as for two affiliates of The Somerville Times.

Incumbent Mayor Curtatone is facing off with Mayoral Candidate Payton Corbett this coming Tuesday November 7th in the General Election.

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