16 Year Old Victim Shot In Critical Condition In Somerville 

By William Tauro 

A sixteen year old was a victim of a shooting late Tuesday afternoon in Somerville. 

The incident occurred at a location on Farragut Avenue near the intersection of Broadway.  

The victim was transported to the Mount Auburn Hospital and pronounced dead from a gunshot wound. 

State and local police are at the scene conducting an investigation on the origin of the shooting.

The shooter is still at large. 

Anyone win information concerning the shooting please call the Somerville Police Department. 

This story is still developing…

Statement on Fatal Somerville Shooting
SOMERVILLE – Shortly before 5:00 p.m. this evening, the Somerville Police Department responded to a Farragut Avenue residence for reports of a shooting. Upon arrival officers located a 16-year-old male suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. The victim was transported to Mount Auburn Hospital where he was pronounced dead.
The preliminary investigation into this matter suggests that the victim was in the residence with other individuals who were known to him and that this is not a random act.
This is an open and ongoing investigation being conducted by the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, Massachusetts State Police and Somerville Police. The circumstances surrounding how the shooting occurred are part of this investigation. The identity of the victim is being withheld pending official identification from the Office of the Medical Examiner and next of kin notification.
At this time no one has been charged in connection with this incident.

2 thoughts on “16 Year Old Victim Shot In Critical Condition In Somerville ”

  1. This is awful to read about. Let us all say a prayer that this shooting victim recovers. What is going on in our cities with the killing? Chicago is a war zone as are other cities.

    Black robed and black masked thugs ran amok at a peaceful rally in Berkeley, California beating people. THis has to stop.

    We are supposed to be a civilized society.

  2. I am saddened to learn that this 16 year old has passed away. How tragic and wasteful to be murdered, especially at such a young age.

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