Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Javier RIVERA (Distribute A, PWID A, PWID B)

The following is a brief summary to incident # 17039027.

On Wednesday, 06/28/2017, Detective’s Cicerone, Goncalves, and I were working in an undercover capacity assigned to the Somerville Police Drug Control Unit. At approximately 3:00 P.M., we initiated surveillance on Woodbine Street due to a Heroin investigation. At approximately 3:45 P.M., observations were made by the Somerville Police Drug Control Unit of XXXXX exiting her residence and walking down Woodbine Street then taking a right onto Centre Street, then taking a right onto Albion Street where she entered the front passenger door of a black Toyota Matrix that was parked on the right side of Albion Street by Centre Street. The vehicle then began to drive down Albion Street towards Lowell Street. At this Point Detectives then began to conduct a rolling surveillance of the vehicle. The vehicle then took a right onto Lowell Street, then taking a right onto Vernon Street, where the vehicle then took a right onto Central Street where the vehicle pulled into a parking lot that leads to Somerville Junction Park. I would note that Junction Park has a cut through that leads to Centre Street and Woodbine Street. Observations where then made of XXXXX exiting the vehicle and walking towards Junction Park. The vehicle then began to exit the parking lot heading up towards Highland Ave.

I would like to point out that it is common during a street level drug transaction that a drug dealer picks up there cliental in their vehicle and brings them on a short/pointless ride. This is a known tactic used by drug distributors in order for them to make a quick drug transaction in the privacy of their vehicle. This is done in a discreet manner in order to elude any witnesses and to elude the Police of the illegal drug transaction. This is known to Narcotics Detectives as a “meaningless Ride”. Based on my training and experience the behaviors displayed by the individuals during the course of this observation were consistent with that of a street level drug transaction.

Detective Cicerone then approached XXXXX with his Police badge prominently displayed on the exterior of his clothing to conduct a threshold inquiry in the area of Centre Street and Woodbine Street, as Detective Goncalves and I followed the vehicle. Detective Cicerone then began to speak to XXXXX and observed that XXXXX was mumbling when speaking to him. Detective Cicerone then observed that XXXXX had something in her mouth. Detective Cicerone advised XXXXX to spit out what she had in her mouth. XXXXX then spit up two baggies of a brownish substance believed to be Heroin. Detective Cicerone then advised Detectives over our two way radio that he had recovered some Heroin.

At this Point with the assistance of Marked Units Two and Three (Officers Pavao and Brioso) a Motor vehicle stop was conducted of the Vehicle in the area of 190 Pearl Street. At this time, I along with Detective’s Goncalves, with our Police badges prominently displayed on the exterior of our clothing approached the Vehicle to conduct a threshold inquiry. I then approached the operator of the vehicle who identified himself as Javier Rivera. I then asked Rivera where he was heading to, Rivera did not answer. I then asked if he spoke English, he stated no. I then asked Rivera in Spanish where he just come from, Rivera stated in Spanish that he went to see his girlfriend. I then asked if his girlfriend entered his vehicle and he answered no. Given the fact that Rivera was being less then truthful with me, I had him exit the vehicle. Rivera was placed in handcuffs for Officer safety. Upon having Rivera exit the vehicle, I observed an abnormal large bulge in Rivera’s groin area. Based on my training and experience, I know that Drug Distributors conceal illegal drugs in that area to prevent Police detection of the illegal drugs.

At this point I asked Rivera what he had in his groin area. Rivera declined to answer me. At this point, I pulled Rivera pants from the waist out and I observed a bag containing numerous baggies of a white and brown powdery substances believed to be Heroin and Cocaine along with a sum of money. I then pulled that bag containing numerous baggies from his groin area. There was twenty three individual baggies of a brown powdery substance believed to be Heroin and fourteen individual baggies of a white Powdery substance believed to be Cocaine in that bag.

The large amount of Heroin and Cocaine found on Rivera is consistent with someone who will possess with the intent to distribute them. Rivera was then placed under arrest and transported to the Somerville Police Station by Marked Detention Unit #200 (Ofc Desrochers) to be booked by Lt. Sheehan. Rivera’s vehicle was towed to the Somerville Police Garage via Pat’s Tow as Detective Goncalves followed directly behind it the entire way. Rivera’s cellular phone, US currency, and vehicle will be held for forfeiture proceedings. Please see Detective McNally’s Supplemental report regarding all evidence seized.

Rivera will be charged with the following:


I will be filing an application for criminal complaint against XXXXX for the charged of:


Respectfully submitted,

Detective Jason Costa #301

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