Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Frank CHAN (B&E)

On the morning of June 19th, 2017, while in uniform, I was assigned to marked unit East-1. At 6:47 AM, I was dispatched, along with East-4, Ofc. Bork, to 1XX Glen Street for a report of a possible B&E in progress. The reporting party also stated to Somerville Police Dispatch, that the suspect was Mr. Frank CHAN.

        Upon arrival, I was met by the reporting party and victim, XXXXX. He stated that when he woke up this morning, he went in the kitchen to make coffee. While making his coffee, XXXXX noticed, through his window, a shirt that was on his fence outside had been moved. The shirt belonged to a former tenant. XXXXX went outside to see where the shirt was, when he noticed a black bike, with black and red tires on it. He went on to say that the bike belongs to Mr. Frank CHAN, who was the former tenant. XXXXX told me that when he went back inside, he heard the shower water running in the basement, however, nobody is supposed to be in the basement.

        Ofc. Bork and I went down the basement. The shower appeared to have been recently used. There were two additional locked doors. Ofc. Bork was able to get one of the doors open. Upon entry in the room, there was a male in the bed identified as Mr. Frank CHAN. (CHAN is well known to Ofcs.) I asked him why he was in the house when he shouldn’t be. CHAN stated that he needed to shower. When I asked him how he got in, CHAN responded by saying that there is a small window that he came in. I asked him when he got evicted, to which he said around the third week of March.

        Based on these facts, CHAN was placed under arrest for, B&E for a misdemeanor. Unit 200 was requested. CHAN was booked by Lieutenant Digregorio in accordance with department policy.





Ofc. A. Lorenti #322

Somerville Police

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