Letter to the Editor:Bring on the Feds in Somerville to Clean House

Dear Billy and Somerville News Weekly Speak Up Line:

Somerville the “All America City” a.k.a. “The envelope Please” Elected officials are suppose to SERVE the citizens, In MA, especially Somerville, elected officials feel it makes them ENTITLED to take care of themselves and their friends first. To hell with the residents. 
Look at all of the relatives on the city payroll. All the real estate deals with the same names involved, the “front men”, etc. Banks that closed due to bad real estate deals some involving elected/appointed city officials.
Somerville (along with 300+ MA cities/towns) pays a fee to the state for the “T” to operate. Now Somerville & Cambridge have floated (at taxpayers expense) $50 million dollar bonds to assist the “T” for the 

GLX thus hitting the residents with double jeopardy. Neither city should be paying this additional fee. The Universities with all the money from endowments and profit making research fees, should be paying for the GLX. 
The feds came and wiped out the old (blue collar) Mob. Today we have the white collar MOB. Elected officials and the esteemed Higher Education officials.

Eye of the Tiger 

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