Questions for City Hall by Judy Locchi Jacobs 

Since we didn’t see much accumulation of snow fall this past winter, we should have $9 million in the budget we spent one of the previous years when we had several large snow storms.
How about some transparency on where the $9 million went? That seems excessive especially since there was very little snow removal. Instead, we were forced to build walls of snow on our sidewalks. And why can’t we use our own employees at DPW to plow snow as in the past?
Also, I would like to address the $300,000 budget for communication. With online information being so cost effective I don’t understand why we need to spend so much. Please provide a full accounting to where this money is allocated.
If the proposed highschool is budgeted for $300 million, I’d say it’s time to cut back. Hopefully, the money will come from some other source instead of the already struggling elderly and working class families trying to remain in their homes.
I don’t anticipate seeing a reduction in our tax and water bills, but I would strongly advise the board to consider cutting back on unnecessary spending. 
We could also do without the many street festivals that clog up our streets on weekends and force us to become prisoners in our own homes. Those who have to run errands can’t get back to their neighborhoods. The city workers are being told to block our streets with saw horses and will not remove them so we can access our streets. Elder care specialists and other services providers cannot care for their clients. 
Judy Locchi Jacobs 

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