Letter to the Editor:Message to Mayor and Board of Alderman 

Dear Somerville Speak Up Line,

Thank you for providing the citizens of Somerville with this wonderful tool (Somerville Speak Up Line) to communicate and voice our opinions publicly. 

Re: Mayor Curtatone and the Somerville Board of Alderman

Coming from a so called dedicated public servant who works a an Urban Planner at a local college. Don’t you just love all these conflict of interest types who moved into the city?
And one who puts an egg timer (3 minute limit), on residents who know the truth about this city and how it’s been sold out to developers at the sacrifice of many long time locals who worked extremely hard to keep their homes while they have supported this city and politicians because we believed they cared about the working class community.
The new high school is a bad idea. We don’t have the student body, or money and families to sustain a population of students that could benefit from these promises.
It’s just another trick to entice more single family home and condo sales for their friends in the business– developers, contractors and certain realtors.
Your long time promises of affordable housing has revealed itself as an outright lie. Our local native and new residents who aren’t monied up are tired of your endless patronizing statements in the press and at meetings.
GLX has been postponed until 2027. Word out is that it’s never going to get the green light. That statement has been circulated among the contracting world locally, so it does have credibility. A lot can happen in 10 years, under Republican control who don’t admire the wasteful spending under neo-liberal democrats who enjoy spending the money made by working class residents and homeowners.
Lastly, no one has the patience to read your long winded bullshit.

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