Letter to the Editor: Where Have All The Baggers Gone?

We have to stop shopping at Stop and Shop. They got rid of most of the baggers and replaced them with a rotary bag holder and the cashier does the bagging. What a stupid idea!!! I had 11 items and the two people in front of me had about the same. I was in line about 15 minutes before I was even waited on. To make matters worse the cashier was slow as molasses. She would scan an item, turn around and put it in the bag, turn back around then scan another item and so on! Unbelievable!! From now on I will just go to Market Basket, it is cheaper anyway. Talked to the Manager and he said they are still training.
Disgusted shopper

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Where Have All The Baggers Gone?”

  1. How strange it is to see this! I worked for the Stop & Shop for 42 years and I trained many workers and I remember that our mantra was ” Sales don’t do the trick! The only thing that Stop & Shop could offer our shoppers besides quality products, that was more then our competitors was Great SERVICE !! I guess time changes many things! I live in Florida now and most of the stores down here, especially Walmart, use that carousel bagging center! However, Publi x , which is the biggest grocery store down here in South Florida & the most like Stop & Shop, still uses live Baggers ( Not Carousels) and they do offer carry out service!

  2. We live in North Carolina and we have had cashiers bagging many years. It will get better.

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