Whether you need help shoveling, or you’re a teen looking to make cash, the Teen Snow Shoveling Program is here to help.

About the Snow Shoveling Program

The Somerville Teen Shoveling program is a paid program for youth to shovel out seniors after a snow storm in Somerville. Interested youth need to sign up with the Office of Commissions, be available when there’s a snowstorm to shovel a senior’s home, and will receive a payment for each house they shovel out. There are about 55 homes owned by seniors on the program’s list. Teens can sign up for email, text or phone calls to check availability and get house assignments. Participants 18 years and older will need to complete a CORI form.

Want to make some extra cash this winter?

Get paid for each house shoveled after a snowstorm.

To sign up, email 

* Program is available for teens 13+

* Youth 18 or older must complete and submit a CORI form

* A coordinator will make contact for each storm and follow up

* Youth can shovel as many locations as they have time for
Need a little help keeping your property shoveled?

Apply for assistance from the Somerville Youth Snow Shoveling Program!

Signing up is easy:

* Complete and return a Snow Shoveling Referral Program Application Form

* Complete and return a CORI form


(Homeowners may request one or more)

Sidewalk & Steps


Driveway (1 Spot)


Corner Lots


Parking Spot on Street


*In case of extremely heavy snowfalls, prices may change or you may not be able to do all of the jobs. Talk with the program coordinator to learn more.

**Driveway spots and street spots will be shoveled but snow removal from an actual vehicle is the owner’s responsibility.

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