Reality Bites by James A. Norton


Can we please move on from this election?


After a few months of shenanigans, this election has taught me a few things:


Even the smartest of people I know have very little in the way of common sense or even rationality about them when it comes to this Presidential Election and it’s really starting to aggravate me. Instead of even trying to have a normal conversation, they want to point fingers and blame others for supporting a candidate that for some reason, they “hate” for lack of a better word. Doesn’t make any sense to me. Those same people who hate the candidate truly believe that anyone who supports said candidate is stupid, racist and all sorts of bad for the general environment. Nonsense.


I look back over my lifetime with respect to politics and forget how extensive my experiences have been – I grew up in an atmosphere of political activism – from a young age, I was involved with elections and causes every year and not just locally. I went from holding signs and putting labels on envelopes to developing and implementing computer/voter databases and eventually running entire campaigns before the first time I put my name on a ballot – when I was 21. I’ve seen the inner workings and been in the inner sanctum of a lot of campaigns – and I’ve personally observed both the good and the very bad of what politics is all about. Of course, I don’t hang a sign on myself to announce all this to the world – it just is what it is – and since my career doesn’t revolve around it, it’s my business, simple as that. What it does give me, along with my own self interest in keeping up on current affairs, is a good perspective of what is going on in the world.


Because of all that, I am able to carry on clear and concise conversations about the current political climate. My personal opinions aside, I find myself balanced when it comes to issues, because I understand that often times, the solution to a problem that affects many, is not left or right, but somewhere in the middle. Where this starts to go off the rails for me is when smart people forget that elections are supposed to be about things like: “hey, look at this candidate – (he/she) has experience, has a plan, has ideas, wants to change things…give (him/her) consideration for your vote” and not ever about: “look how bad this person is – it will be the end of life as you know it, unless you vote for this other person.”


I’m sorry, but elections/campaigns do not have to be about negativity first and foremost, they just don’t. That old bastion of both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party needs to be put back in the attic, basement or just thrown out. For years, people have pointed their fingers and said “this is what’s wrong with people, with the system” instead of pointing a finger at the system and saying “this is how we can fix it, and make life better for everyone.” Stop pointing fingers at others and saying how bad they are and start having rational conversations. No wonder someone like Trump is so popular – do you forget how popular Ross Perot was? You cannot understand what needs to be changed in this country if your perspective only runs the last 12 to 16 years and is based on misinformed conjecture and rhetoric – well, you can’t and have a rational conversation with someone like me, and I am not alone in the world. Trust me.

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