Somerville Alderman Mary Jo Rossetti:Airport Impacts

As you all know, attempting to change the infringement of air flight noise pollution on our livelihoods has been a passion of mine. I share with you today a long awaited Conference to be held here in Somerville. Please help spread the word!! :
A day long conference that brings some of the world’s foremost airport impact experts and environmental health scientists together with interested citizens and policy leaders. 
That conference is going to be held on Saturday, November 5th at the new Partners Healthcare facility at Assembly Square, Somerville.  
Highlights, including agenda and presenters, are available at the eventbrite site linked in below. We have built in time for conversation. You are all invited to attend. And please get the word out quickly as well to other community members who might be interested!  
The event is free but attendees need to register online.

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