Reality Bites by James A. Norton


Two tiny little angels came to visit…and then went back home.


On Mother’s Day, we my wife’s family over to celebrate the moms with a brunch prepared by my wife’s son Julian with my help. Since it was extending into the late afternoon and early evening, it was also to welcome my daughter Kaitlin, her husband Jaleel and my two beautiful granddaughters Naomi and Nevaeh, as they were to arrive and spend the next three nights with us.


I started pacing sometime around 1:45pm and didn’t stop until 4:07pm when they finally pulled into the driveway – their long drive from Delaware finally over. Even though we see them every six months, it seemed like an eternity had passed, but yet, time melted away as I rushed to the door to greet them all. I had held off on having any wine, for fear I would be too tired when they arrived – but I suspect it wouldn’t have made a difference, because I was riding high on happiness holding those babies.


Over the next couple of days, it was like no time had ever passed. Seems strange to try and explain it, but my daughter and I are used to that type of thing, as she and her brother lived with their mom far from me when they were growing up. So here we were, years later – like someone pressed pause for a half a minute – and then play again. It’s a nice and very comfortable feeling.


It doesn’t hurt that my kids and I get along really well and we communicate quite often. Through the use of social media and it’s various forms, we interact almost every day – whether it’s Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or Facetime – we get it done. Now that Naomi is about to start formulating sentences, my wife Lynda and I are looking forward to using Skype to talk to her and her sister Nevaeh.


Back to this past week – we managed to talk them into staying an extra day, contemplated asking them to stay permanently, spent a whole mess of time with them – and then were very sad when they left. We took tons of pictures and videos and have spent the last several days looking at them, planning our next trip out to Illinois to see them sometime in September. I get that old feeling I used to get 15 to 18 years ago when my kids were young and I missed them and thought about the next time I would see them.


It might seem like it would be sad, but it’s not – it’s really an awesome feeling. It helps that we keep in touch as much as we do too – it helps a lot. I don’t know how I held on for all those years when my kids were young without social media. I don’t mind growing older now. I miss those two little angels, though. #GMK

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