Letter to the Editor: City Pole is a Sore Thumb

What’s wrong with this picture? At the corner of Virginia Street and Jasper Street in Somerville, this poll was just recently installed about two weeks ago for whatever reasons. The problem with it is its location where it was installed. 
Why would they put it in the way of a pedestrian paths of the sidewalk?

Will the city be responsible for people losing their teeth or getting a black eye or two from it or possibly even a concussion after they walk into it?
commonsense is priceless!

One thought on “Letter to the Editor: City Pole is a Sore Thumb”

  1. I am sorry for you that you feel that this “Great Tribute” shows no commonsense. Maybe, you should have asked at Somerville City Hall related to information about the pole – that, to me shows no commonsense!
    This pole is in honor of a Great American Patriot – My Dad…

    Military Career:
    • Sargent 1st Class Robert A. Ventura, Sr.
    o Retired US Army – E7
    • Active US Army – During the Korean War
    o Enlisted at age 18
     Military Veteran
    • National Guard
    o After a gap in time – Dad re-enlisted
     126th Signal Bn
     26th MP Co
     Back to 126th Signal Bn
     Medals
    • Meritorious Service Medal
    • Army Commendation Medal
    • Army Achievement Medal w/ Oak Leaf
    • Good Conduct Medal
    • Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal w/ 4 Oak Leaves
    • National Defense Service Medal w/ Star
    • Humanitarian Service Medal
    • Armed Forces Reserve Medal w/ Hour Glass
    • NCO Professional Development Ribbon w/ #4 Device

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