Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Richard GRANT (ABDW) assault and battery with a dangerous weapon

On April 23, 2016, while assigned to marked unit W5, FTO Officer Canty and I were dispatched to 309 Medford Street for a report of a male with a bottle arguing with another male. Officer Collins also responded and was assigned to marked unit E3.


Upon arrival, we met with the victim, XXXXX, who had a laceration to his face. While Cataldo Ambulance tended to his wound, XXXXX stated that a white male, about 5’8 feet, bald, wearing a blue jacket and a back pack, struck him in the face with a glass bottle and then fled down Medford Street toward School Street.

Officer Canty and I went to check the area for the suspect. As we were leaving, Somerville Dispatch informed us that XXXXX’s wife, YYYYY, and his sister, ZZZZZ, followed the suspect to the corner of School Street and Howe Street.


On arrival at the corner, we found a male matching the description given, and YYYYY was yelling, “That’s the man that cut my brother!” We identified him as, Mr. Richard Grant. Grant was bald, wearing a blue jacket and carrying a backpack. Grant also had blood on his hands and head. Grant could not explain why he had blood on him. Officer Canty read Mr. Grant his Miranda rights from a card he keeps on his person. Mr. Grant stated that he understood. I then asked Mr. Grant why he hit XXXXX in the face with a bottle and he said, “I don’t know what you are talking about.” Mr. Grant was stumbling on the sidewalk, profusely sweating, and foaming at the mouth. I then asked Mr. Grant if he had taken any drugs or consumed any alcohol. Mr. Grant stated that he had some alcohol and took some drug called a “Johnnie.” After further investigation, it was determined that “Johnnie” is a street name for Neurontin(Gabapentin), which is a substitute for an opiate.


Mr. Grant was transported to the station by the transport wagon and booked in the usual manner by Lt. Mulcahy for the above charge.



Respectfully submitted,




Officer Robert Hartsgrove #333


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