MMA Announces 2016 Massachusetts Motorcycle Safety Awareness Period 


Your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) is pleased to announce the 15th consecutive Motorcycle Safety Awareness Period in Massachusetts! This annual event has represented Motorcyclists across the Commonwealth in a coordinated effort between the MMA, the Massachusetts Office of the Governor, the MA Highway Safety Division, the MA Legislature, MassDOT, the MA RMV and the MA Rider Education Program to declare the month of April as “Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Period”. In a Proclamation presented to the MMA and signed by Governor Charlie Baker and Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito, this year’s Motorcycle Safety Awareness Period runs from Monday, March 28 to Saturday, April 30, 2016.

2016 Massachusetts Motorcycle Safety Awareness Period Proclamation


Although there’s snow on the ground from this past weekend, and it’s still a little cold, many motorcyclists have already been on the roads after a long winter. Unfortunately, drivers still have their windows up, radios and heaters blasting, and over the past couple of days have been more alert for plow trucks and sanders, not for joggers, bicyclists, and motorcycles. Adding to the confusion, riders are shaking off their winter cobwebs and are focusing on avoiding winter potholes as opposed to watching for sandy roads and other vehicles that aren’t used to seeing them.


15 years ago, your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association worked with the Commonwealth to establish this annual Motorcycle Safety Awareness Period. Working as a team, members of the then Board of Directors, officers, and of course the members, lobbied our Legislature to implement this crucial period at a time when motorcyclists would be once again be leaving their winter parking for sunny roads. Overall Motorcycle Fatalities have decreased by approximately 30% since 2002, during a period in which motorcycle Registrations increased by roughly the same rate. The MMA believes the annual Motorcycle Safety Awareness Period is a significant contributor to this since it reminds all motorists to share the road at the most critical point in the riding season.


In support of the Motorcycle Safety Awareness Period, the MMA is promoting the period through various media outlets including RMV offices, toll booths, and highway signs. Additionally, lawn signs and bumper stickers with the “LOOK! For Motorcycles” slogan are available to riders at no charge from your MMA District Officers and at most MMA events.


MMA Members are also eligible for discounts at MMA Gold Card Sponsor training schools including Training Wheels, Inc. (, and Massachusetts Motorcycle School ( The programs available through the Massachusetts Rider Education Program are a great way to hone your riding skills and shake off the cobwebs in a safe environment.


Your MMA also offers discounted Roadside Assistance for Motorcycles through the RiderRescue program. See the link on the MMA website for more information.


Your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association asks all roadway users to SHARE THE ROAD!


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