Grand Re-Opening of The Museum of Modern Renaissance in Somerville 

Grand Re-Opening on Saturday March 19th at 7:00pm The Museum of Modern Renaissance is located at 115 College Ave, Somerville 

It’s not to be found in any Encyclopedia of Art. Today’s Fine Arts students wouldn’t recognize it as an artistic movement. Even the most sophisticated theoreticians of Art may feel nonplussed when asked to define this phenomenon. Yet, Modern Renaissance is a fresh and viable spirit of our time that would leave nobody indifferent.


The focal point is the building’s cavernous great hall. Fresco-like paintings of Russian mythological and religious icons line the walls and ceiling. The saturated oil colors used to create the tiger and bull totems, birds, druids, and mermaids achieve a stained-glass effect. It is Modern Renaissance that adopted the eclecticism of our life and creatively transformed it into its ideal counterpart, where mythological creatures peacefully converse with flowers, and fairy-tale landscapes harmonically incorporate complicated geometrical ornaments. It may be the key to many secrets of existence.


So when you get a chance go and check it out!


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