Message to Public From SHS Headmaster Oteri

Delivered Friday:

For those of you who didn’t recieve the e-mail or voicemail from Headmaster Oteri:

Please be advised that a Somerville High School student was arrested this afternoon by Federal law enforcement agents as part of a sweep for suspects with outstanding arrest warrants for criminal activity throughout the Boston area. The student was arrested without incident for non-Somerville High School related activities and at no time was any SHS student at-risk.

As always, we will cooperate fully as appropriate with law enforcement authorities to ensure that Somerville High School remains a safe and secure learning environment for all of our students.

We also understand that there is currently fear among our community about national ICE raids of undocumented persons. We want to be clear that this was NOT a raid related to immigration status, but rather a federal arrest related to specific criminal activity.

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