Statement of The Somerville News Weekly Publisher Bill Tauro Regarding Recent Terror Threat Article in Our Schools


Parents, we did our job reporting the news regarding the potential threat that was lurking in the Somerville School system last week in which the School department issued a press release stating it was false in capital letters but in the same statement a paragraph below stating that an incident did I fact happen.  So which is it you can’t have it both ways? 

But now you can do your part and demand results! Don’t let this issue just die down and get swept under a rug, uncover the truth. 

Demand a meeting with the administration and the school department. Ask serious questions and demand serious answers. 

Demand answers from your ward aldermen, school committee persons and police department. 

Ask the question that if this wasn’t of much concern to them, then why did they contact the “Joint Terrorist Task Force” (JTTF) on this case and most of all, demand to see the manifesto. 

After you review all the shocking details of the manifesto and see the reality that it was a potential terror disaster in the making, then ask the school superintendent why she didn’t notify the parents nor go public with this serious matter.

In an exclusive interview with Somerville chief of police Dave Fallon and Deputy chief Paul Trant, I was assured that “all police protocols were followed in this incident and this incident did not rise to a level of a threat.”  

I met with police, we confirmed there was an incident, I even had the oppertunity to review the manifesto with my own eyes, held it in my hands as I was reading it in disbelief, the skin crawling details of its contents on many pages. 

This is seriously a major concern to the public and should be addressed forthwith. 

Whether anybody told Somerville School Superintendent Mary Skipper not to do so and alert parents or not and we hope that’s not the case here, she has an obligation to the parents, the students and to the public to do so and to protect all students from any potential risks of dangers lurking about.  

Regarding last weeks mud-fight of choice words with Somerville Ward 1 School Committee Person Steve Roix, who is in opposition of our article, has the right to his own opinion as well as an obligation to notify the public to let be award of what’s going on and let them make their own opinion on this issue as well. He along with the school superintendent also failed miserably to do so. 
On another note It’s also saddens us further that one of the other local newspapers in the city is lowering its standards and infiltrating personal Facebook accounts regarding this serious issue. 
They are doing so by disguising themselves as fictions concerned citizens who are speaking out against our article and mocking us for coming forward. 
In one instance, they were posing as a very attractive Italian girl from Naples who’s posting a tremendous amount of negativity on the internet. At the same time they were using the same IP address as that local paper that’s opposing our article and broadcasting the negativity on all different news websites and social media pages regarding our reporting of the threat just to stir the pot and harass us further. 
It’s too bad that it’s a joke to them, but its not a joking matter to us. 

Once again, it’s up to the public to make this happen and reveal the truth. 
I am very confident that my article is true and on point and I will continue stand behind our reliable sources and my article 100%.

Going forward this paper will continue to pressure the city and school department for full disclosure on all matters. I believe this is a time for all Somerville residents to come together and unify around each other.  

We here at the Somerville News Weekly have an obligation to report the news and inform you of what’s happening in and around your community and we will continue to do so.   
Bill Tauro, Publisher

The Somerville News Weekly

4 thoughts on “Statement of The Somerville News Weekly Publisher Bill Tauro Regarding Recent Terror Threat Article in Our Schools”

  1. This is not even close to a joke . we need to know this for the safety of our children and family’s. I’m beyond mad and the FBI should know about this

  2. Thank you billy I am scared for my kids life and my own as well as my family. You can see the report. And this is out of control . this is a serious matter and is not to he taken lightly.

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