Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Man With Knife Arrested After Threatening Sav-Mor Liquors Customer After Refusing To Purchase Him Alcohol


On the afternoon of Sunday, May 03, 2015 I was assigned to marked unit E-2. At approximately 12:15 hrs, I was dispatched to 15 McGrath Highway along with E-3 Officer St. Hillaire for a report of a man with a knife.

Upon our arrival we were met by the reporting party, Mr. Matthew Sherwood. Mr. Sherwood is an employee of 15 McGrath Highway (SAV-MORE liquors). Mr. Sherwood immediately began saying, he’s across the street, the guy with the knife is across the street, he’s wearing a tan shirt. I made my way across the street to the parking lot of 14 McGrath Highway in an attempt to locate this individual.

As I crossed over the Highway, I immediately observed a Hispanic male wearing a tan shirt walking toward Star Market. I exited my police cruiser and drew my department issued firearm, and ordered Mr. Lehandro cruz to the ground. After a few verbal commands he complied and Officer St. Hillaire and Officer Neil Collins secured him by placing him in handcuffs. A search of Mr. Cruz’s bag did reveal a black handled kitchen knife.

At this point I had made my way back over to the liquor store to speak to the victims. I spoke to first. He stated that a Hispanic man wearing a tan shirt asked if he would help him to buy alcohol. When Mr. Cardoso refused Mr. Cruz tipped over Mr. Francisco’s shopping carriage. When Mr. Cardoso looked up after he began picking up his belongings, he observed Mr. Cruz holding a black handled kitchen knife in his hand. also mentioned that Mr. Cruz extended his right arm while holding the knife, and began making slicing motions with the knife. I then went back to speak to Mr. Sherwood about what he had seen.

stated that he had heard some yelling coming from the bottle return room and went outside to see what was happening. He stated that when he went out side, he observed Mr. Cruz holding a kitchen type knife and advancing toward When walked closer to the man with the knife, he began advancing, and thrusting the knife in the direction of all three men. is also an employee of the liquor store.

After speaking to, I made my way to Mr. Robinson so I could get his statement. stated that he also heard arguing from the out side area. when he went to investigate, he was approached by Mr. Cruz. He stated that the closer he got to Mr. Cruz he became more agitated and he began waving the knife in his direction. Mr. Robinson stated that he did fear for his safety, and the safety of the other men.

Mr. Cruz was transported to the Somerville Police Station via unit #200 operated by Officer J. Teeves. He was booked in the usual manner by the shift commander Lt. J. DeGregorio

The knife was taken and will be submitted for evidence. It will be made availabe upon request. It will be secured in locker #10.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Robert M. Pasqualino #271
Somerville Police Department

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