Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Receiving Stolen Property


Dacosta arrest

On April 4, 2015, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to 871 (East 1). While on an unrelated medical call, I was approached by a gentlemen, identified as xxx. xxx seemed panicked, and stated to me he was trying to call the police for a person breaking into motor vehicles on Flint St. I radioed Somerville Control to start a second unit, and I proceeded to obtain a description of the suspect. xxx described him as a white male wearing a red sweatshirt or jacket, and a red winter hat.

I instructed xxx to stay on Cross St by Flint St in the event I located the suspect for a possible show up. I proceeded down Flint St with Officer Schneider (E4) and immediately located a male matching the description walking on the odd side of Flint St toward McGrath Highway. I pulled my cruiser into a driveway in front of the suspect, and exited my cruiser. As I did this, I could hear items hitting the ground in the area where the suspect was walking. Officer Schneider immediately told me he witnessed the suspect dropping items on the sidewalk. The suspect tried to get around my cruiser and continue walking toward McGrath Highway, despite my commands to stop. I was able to grab a hold of him and place him into handcuffs without incident.

I began to speak with him, but he claimed to not understand English. Due to the language barrier I opted to not question the individual, as I could not properly read him his Miranda Rights. I observed the reporting party xxx, now standing behind Officer Schneider’s cruiser stating that the man I had detained was the male who he witnessed breaking into cars. I asked xxx if he would be willing to provide a written statement, to which he stated he wanted to, however his child was sick and being brought to the hospital. He was leaving his house at Flint St to meet his wife and child at the hospital. Due to the emergency, I asked for a quick summary of what he saw. xxx stated he observed the suspect trying car doors as he walked down the street. He specifically pointed out MA reg and MA reg which were locked, and the suspect was unable to get into. xxx stated he then watched the suspect cross the street and enter MA reg and rummage through the vehicle. This is when he attempted to contact the police. xxx stated he then observed the suspect enter MA reg by ripping a plastic bag that was covering a broken window on the driver’s door. At this point xxx traveled on Flint St to Cross St, where he saw the blue lights of my cruiser.

I returned back to the suspect, who was later identified as Douglas DaCosta. I began performing an inventory of the property on him in order to secure all stolen property. Among the property I located on him was a Nintendo DS. The owner of MA reg, xxx, reported her sons Nintendo DS was missing. Upon opening the Nintendo DS located in DaCosta’s front right hand pant pocket, the screen showed a picture that I was able to match to xxx. The Nintendo DS was returned to xxx.

Most of the property discarded by DaCosta on the sidewalk was miscellaneous cards and personal papers. These items were discarded by DaCosta, and witnessed by Officer Schneider (see his supplemental report). Included in this property was a stack of cards, personal papers, and a Massachusetts License belonging to xxx. This stack of cards was held together by 2 black elastic band that were crossed to keep all the cards together. As I contacted the owner of MA reg, I located xxx, the owner. I was able to return the property to him.

I seized the following property until its rightful owner can be determined. An Android cell phone encased in a baseball type cover, brown polo wallet containing miscellaneous cards and $20 Canadian dollars, a black iPod with headphones, a package of Marlboro cigarettes, and miscellaneous cards and personal papers.

I requested the prisoner transport wagon to respond. Douglas DaCosta is charged with 2 counts of B & E to a motor vehicle (266/18), Receiving Stolen Property Over $250 (266/60). While being booked by Sgt. McCain, DaCosta gave a name as Marcos Ricardo. Once his fingerprints returned we learned his true name to be Douglas DaCosta. An additional charge of Furnishing a False Name at Booking (268/34A) will be added.

While typing this report I was able to link Douglas DaCosta, to a prior arrest on January 25, 2015 in Somerville for a B & E to a motor vehicle. At that time of booking he gave a name of Rodrigo Mateus. I located a default warrant for Mateus from that incident (WR5103489TC). I checked every known alias that DaCosta has used and located another default warrant out of East Boston for B & E to a motor vehicle to which he gave a name of Otair Martinez. All of these aliases have been linked via fingerprint. DaCosta will also be charged with outstanding warrants.

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