SCALE (The Somerville Center for Adult Learning Experiences):Walking For Freedom

This year’s theater production at SCALE (The Somerville Center for Adult Learning Experiences) is called Walking for Freedom and is, in part, about the Montgomery, Alabama Bus Boycott.
The play is traditionally open to all students at SCALE. Walking for Freedom is a play written, produced and directed by SCALE teacher, Meryl Becker. Meryl has been a playwright for over 10 years and has been putting on plays here at SCALE for over 5. Students from both the ELL and ABE programs were invited to join the production and Meryl makes sure everyone who volunteers has a role.

Walking for Freedom provides a cross-disciplinary learning experience for many students here at SCALE as they practice language and speaking as well as learn about a seminal event in American history. For those of you unaware, the Montgomery Bus Boycott addressed segregated busses and the public’s turn against a transportation system that used discriminatory policies as a means to keep non-white ethnicities off majority-white busses in and leading up to the mid 1960’s. Racial segregation on public transportation allowed whites to sit at the front of the bus, away from the bus’ exhaust and fumes, while all others had to sit at the back. Any non-white person was expected to surrender his or her seat if a white person needed one-even if that individual was disabled, pregnant, elderly or a parent with small child. This play is about that injustice.

Right now, there is a fundraiser for the play is going on in Watertown.
If you buy tickets to the showing of: My Fair Lady Presented by Wellesley Players you can help SCALE’s Theater and Production Department.

Arsenal Center for the Arts,
321 Arsenal Street, Watertown, MA 02472
Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 8PM
Tickets: $25
A portion of the proceeds from these tickets goes towards items the play needs. Since no actors are paid, the money can go toward set and design, or materials. All checks for My Fair Lady tickets can be made out to ‘Friends of Scale,” and mail to the attention of Meryl Becker @ 167 Holland Ave, Somerville, MA 02144…or you can walk the check into the front office and give your name and address. Cash is acceptable too, but the last date to contribute to the fundraiser is March 27th, so you’d better hurry!

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