Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Drug Arrest Somerville Hotel


Enayo/ Aristil arrest

On the listed date and time I, Officer Mark Pulli badge #311, while assigned to Patrol Area East-1 was dispatched along with Officer Souza (East-3) to 23 Cummings St. (LaQuinta Inn) for a check condition call. Dispatch provided information from the reporting party, , that a male had been in the lobby bathroom for a long period of time and was yelling and making noise and had locked the door and refused to come out. Officer Messaoudi (East-4) was also on scene.

Upon our arrival, I spoke with rp who stated a black male entered the men’s bathroom approximately 45 minutes ago an had refused to come out. rp said after about 15 minutes rp could hear him yelling,making vomiting type noises and loud banging noises. rp said he knocked on the door asking him to come out multiple times, but he did not comply. RP stated he could not find the master key for the door.

As I approached the bathroom door I could hear incoherent yelling. I knocked on the door announcing our presence and informed the unknown male, later identified as Valery Aristil (DOB 11/21/1979) that we were there to check on him because employees were concerned about him. I explained to Aristil that he needed to open the door so I could see and speak to him. I could hear what sounded like metal clanging and the rustling of plastic.

Aristil opened the door and I directed him out of the bathroom. He did not have a shirt on and appeared disheveled. I looked into the bathroom and saw that there was a shirt hanging out of the trash barrel. I asked Aristil if he had any identification and he said he threw all his stuff into the trash barrel, and then told me his name. I asked him what he was doing in the bathroom and he said nothing. I asked him if he was staying at the hotel and he said he was staying in room 509 with his girlfriend ). rp confirmed that room 509 was rented in girlfriends name.
At this time for my safety, I conducted a pat frisk of Aristil. I asked him if he had anything on him that might poke or stab me and he said that he had 4 needles on him, but he just threw all his stuff in the barrel and was not sure if he threw all his needles away. I asked him what he used the needles for and he said heroin. I asked him how long he had been using and he stated “2 years, since my brother died”. I asked him when the last time was that he used heroin and he stated “earlier”. Aristil said his girlfriend does not know that he uses heroin.

While retrieving Aristil’s belongings from the trash barrel, Officer Souza confirmed that there were multiple hypodermic needles in the barrel he also recovered a small knotted glassine bag corner that contained a white powder substance that through my training and experienced I believed to be heroin. At this time I handcuffed Aristil and informed him he was under arrest for possession of heroin a class A substance (M.G.L c94c s34).

I searched Aristil incident to arrest and found 2 used glassine bag corners that had a white powder residue in them. Through my training and experience I know that illegal drugs, such as heroin, are often packaged for sale in this manner. An uncapped hypodermic needle was found on Aristil. The trash barrel was searched and 6 used glassine bag corners that contained a white powder residue consistent with the ones found on Aristil, were found. Three tin caps that had a dried white residue as well as a dried red brown substance in them were also found. Through my training and experience I know that these small tin caps are often used to prepare illegal drugs in liquid form for injection. A wallet and a set of keys, which the car key was found to be for a Dodge Durango that was in the parking lot and listed on friends room rental, with a MA reg of registered to a xxxx, were also found in the barrel.

Aristil was transported to the Somerville Police Station via Unit 200 and booked according to department policy by Lt. Marino. Aristil asked for his shirt and the keys to his girlfriend’s car, which were added to his property. The knotted glassine bag containing the white powder was logged into evidence in accordance with department policies.

During the booking process, Aristil stated his name was Stanley Enayo with a DOB of 4/20/1985, which was the name he initially provided to me at the scene. After being bailed, Aristil was involved in a motor vehicle stop (incident #15008759) during which time he was arrested on outstanding warrants and it was learned through CJIS RMV that his actual name was Valery Aristil. He was subsequently charged with providing a false name in violation of M.G.L c268 s34A. A copy of Aristil’s initial booking sheet and recognizance sheet that show his name as Stanley Enayo were kept as evidence

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