GOOD MORNING – TODAY IS SUNDAY, February 01, the 32nd day of 2015 with 333 to follow. Sunrise in the Boston area is @ 6:58 and sunset is @ 4:56. The moon is waxing. The morning stars are stars are Jupiter & Saturn. The evening stars are Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Uranus & Venus.

ON THIS DAY IN: 1587 – Elizabeth I, Queen of England, signed the Warrant of Execution for Mary Queen of Scots.

1788 – Isaac Briggs and William Longstreet patented the steamboat.

1790 – The Supreme Court of the United States met for the first time, with Chief Justice John Jayof New York presiding.

1793 – France declared war on Britain and Holland.

1862 – “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” by Julia Ward Howe, was first published in “Atlantic Monthly.”

1884 – The first volume (A-Ant) of the Oxford English Dictionary was published.

1893 – Thomas Edison opened the first film studio, in New Jersey.

1908 – King Carlos I of Portugal and his eldest son, Luís Filipe, were assassinated by revolutionaries while riding in an open carriage through the streets of Lisbon.

1919 – The first Miss America was crowned, in New York City.

1946 – Norwegian statesman Trygve Lie was chosen to be the first secretary-general of the United Nations.

1953 – “General Electric Theater” premiered on TV.

1958 – The United Arab Republic was formed by a union of Egypt and Syria (only until 1961).

1960 – Four black college students began a sit-in protest at a lunch counter in Greensboro,North Carolina, where they’d been refused service.

1979 – Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran in triumph after 15 years of exile.

1982 – “Late Night with David Letterman” premiered on television.

2003 – Human remains found in a field in Texas were believed to be those of at least one of the seven astronauts who perished about the space shuttle Columbia when it disintegrated nearly 40 miles above the Earth.

2004 – Janet Jackson exposes her breast on American television during the half-time show of the Super Bowl.

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