Here’s this Week’s Somervillen Voice Topic of The Week” Choice and You Decide!”

Since we were raised to respect our leaders, we must insist on making the mayor’s speech writer and/or his advisors, this weeks choice hands down to be the “Somervillen Voice Topic of the Week”

Mayor Curtatone’s speech last week read “When protesters want to come to our city because they feel the ideals of this country are being lost, we need to stand up and declare that’s what they should be doing and be allowed to do. We should be celebrating that,” Curtatone told the audience at the East Somerville Community School last week. “We shouldn’t be saying I’m having a hard to time getting to work in the morning, I can’t get to my dinner reservation, I had to sit in traffic for almost 20 minutes.”

Please, give us a break and reword that stuff before you put it out there Mr Mayor!

That’s probably why the commish may have saw the light beforehand and embarrassed that the mayor’s advisors would allow something like that to go public and so he was nowhere to be found during his second speech that day, kudos to him!
Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh got it right the first time because when he saw that one of his own city employees was one of the protesters, he fired his ass forthwith before he knew what hit him!

So it brings us back to the $64,000 question, why on earth would anybody put that praise of the I-93 protester’s foolish stunt into a speech?
To be worded as it was worded is a total disgrace and signs of idiotascy.
What they have done through that speech is open the city’s floodgates for more of similar that idiotic behavior that happened in our city on I-93!
Why don’t we just allow protesters to chain themselves to the Prospect Hill Tower for a sit-in for a month or so with maid service while we’re at it?
The idiotic acts of those protesters last week endangered lives of citizens that were in need of medical attention and inconvenienced thousands of commuters on their way to work earn a living while costing taxpayers a fortune in police, fire and EMT expenses!
Mr. Mayor you’re a good man and doing a fantastic job here in our city but for anyone to write a speech like that and to allow a mayor of this great City of Somerville to just read it in public should be ashamed of themselves.
So with that being said we found it more than fit to name the mayor’s speechwriter and advisors as this week’s choice of “Somervillen Voice Topic of the Week!”

Respectfully submitted by the people, for the people, because we are the people!

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