The Somerville Police Department welcomed a new police officer this week


Jax, an 18-month-old German Shepherd joined the ranks after completing a 14-week course with his handler, Officer Timothy Sullivan. Jax, along with 15 other dogs, representing police departments from all around
Massachusetts and New Hampshire, completed the rigorous training, which primarily focused on teaching obedience, agility, tracking, locating, and apprehension.
Although the training is sponsored by the Boston Police Department, through their K-9 headquarters in Jamaica Plain, training took place all over the state. According to Officer Sullivan:

The class is physically demanding, and if you don’t end up bruising or spraining something, you’re probably not doing it right. Training isn’t done sitting at a desk. It’s done outside and in all sorts of weather. I remember being in Middleton and receiving an emergency alert on my phone, indicating we were in a “flash flood zone.” I laughed, got out of the cruiser with my rubber boots and rain gear on, and made my way out into the field to lay a track for Jax. In the beginning, he was totally dependent on me, but as the training program progressed, I was dependent on him. Trusting Jax’s instincts and abilities is what will make us a successful team.

Chief Fallon would especially like to thank the Boston Police Department for training Jax, and Steve Kelley of P.T. Kelley for putting aside all work and donating his services to immediately construct a shelter for Jax.

Finally, Chief Fallon would like to thank Doctors Adam Parker and John Bujalski, of Porter Square Veterinarian, for their unwavering support of the Department’s K-9 program, and for donating their services to care for our K-9 partners.





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