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Greetings Somerville,

It is back to school time for SCATV members of all ages. The Winter session of our media production classes are now available for registration. If you would like to join SCATV as a member, please sign up for an upcoming orientation, online at

You will receive discounted rates for taking our media education courses.

Besides the basic classes in Studio Production and Directing, Using a DSLR for Video, and Field Production and Editing with Final Cut Pro X, we are excited to offer several special workshops.

Pocket Production: You already have all the gear you need to create your own video or documentary in your pocket! In this hands-on workshop, you will learn the foundations of real-world storytelling and how to use your iOS device to craft an insightful film using minimal gear to gain maximum access. This class starts on January 20th.

Chromakey in the Studio: The Tricaster switchers in both of SCATV’s studios make using the green screen for virtual sets easy. This one-session class will show you how to use the virtual set templates in the Tricaster or create your own backgrounds for your show. This class starts on February 5th.

Community Event Coverage class: is a one-session workshop geared to non-profit organizations on to use SCATV’s point and shoot Vixia cameras to tape presentations, meetings, interviews, and more. This class is on February 10th.

Host Operated TV Studio Production (HOT set): Produce and host your own live or recorded show in SCATV’s newly designed, High Definition TV studio that includes chromakey, Internet/computer roll-ins, graphics, and live phone calls. This class is on February 17th.

Capturing Your Life Stories: Interested in capturing your life stories to share with your family, friends and generations to come? During this interactive 6 week course, students will use in-class exercises and group discussion to stimulate creativity and bring forth memories on a common theme and then write a two-page autobiographical story based on that theme which will be shared in class the following week. This class starts on February 21st.

Advance registration is required for all classes. Register at or stop by SCATV.

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