Have A Discussion and “Fire Away” with James Norton


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Couple of things to ponder today:

1. Obama shouldn’t have just issued an Executive Order to institute Immigration Amnesty and force the debate over Immigration Reform.

2. When there’s smoke there’s fire, Bill Cosby fans remember Michael Jackson? Let him go back to his pudding and retirement.

3. Amassing people with a history of violence to protest the potential grand jury decision in Ferguson isn’t going to turn out well. It’s kind of like letting Tammy Faye Baker loose in …DSW with $20. Think about that or reference #2 again.

4. If it snows a shitload in Buffalo, that doesn’t mean we are next – if it snows a shitload in Albany – well, that’s a different story. Relax.

5. If you see someone who happens to be dressed like a Muslim acting like a creep and doing shady shit – it’s not racist to tell someone. You may just save someone from having their head cut off. That doesn’t mean everyone who is shady (or Muslim) is a terrorist, but, shady people usually do shady shit. Just sayin.

6. If a dozen or so more people get ebola, that still doesn’t mean that the other 316,100,000 of us are at risk in this country. Use your head. ‪#‎ebolagotme

More local surprising topics coming real soon that will knock your socks off!

One thought on “Have A Discussion and “Fire Away” with James Norton”

  1. The use of the Executive Orders is not new. But they have been used wisely in the past. And mostly in the case of emergency.

    In the case of last nights announcement, the new mode of thinking is: I got nothing else in the toolbox to fix that broken window, so I think I’ll use this hammer.

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