By Bob Katzen

The Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy will hold a hearing on September 20 on legislation that would establish ratepayer rights including requiring utility companies to provide ratepayers with a choice of

the type of utility meters to be installed and operated on their places of residence or business, the ability to retain and operate an electromechanical analog meter on an ongoing basis at no cost; and the right to replace a wireless meter with a non-transmitting electromechanical meter at no cost.

“Today in Massachusetts, utilities have sweeping authority to make decisions about what power transmission equipment goes on Bay Staters’ homes and businesses without any input or recourse from occupants and ratepayers,” says sponsor Sen. Mike Moore (D-Millbury). “The passage of this bill would give residents a greater voice in utilities’ operations, allowing them to choose the type of meter they want installed. More consumer choice is a good thing for everyone.”

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