Against all Odds

By Sal Mingace

Today, I sat down with the owner of Dante’s barber shop, located in Davis Square at 417 Highland Ave in Somerville. We talked about the rich history of his business and how the owner has been able to sustain and maintain it.

Coming out of the covid pandemic the owner needed to work much longer hours and had to switch to digital bookings, so that he and his staff were able to maintain the same quality of service. They have a deep appreciation for their loyal customers who supported them throughout the covid pandemic. In the course of our conversation we talked in great detail, the appreciation

they have for the community adapting to the growing population of students. Dante’s is an open and accepting place for every member of the community, in which everyone is genuinely welcomed. Dante and his staff are always very accommodating to each individual’s different needs. At Dante’s they display genuine love for the art form.

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