This Week’s QUOTABLE QUOTES on Beacon Hill

By Bob Katzen

“The cost of labor remains an elevated concern for small business owners, many of whom still can’t hire qualified workers. Beacon Hill must heed the warnings from beleaguered employers and reject special interest group demands to increase the minimum wage to an unsustainable $20 per hour. Further driving up the cost of doing business would be detrimental to economic growth and could not only put a chill on job creation but increase the cost of products and services for Massachusetts consumers.”

—Christopher Carlozzi, Massachusetts State Director of the National Federation of Independent Business.

“As our veteran population evolves and their medical needs become more complex, it is imperative that they have access to quality care. I appreciate their commitment to providing critical primary care, specialty and emergency care services to our veterans.”
— Veterans’ Services Secretary Jon Santiago following his visit with Vincent Ng, Director of the VA Boston Healthcare system to discuss shared priorities in supporting the health of veterans.

“One reason why patients are paying more for prescription drugs out of pocket is that middlemen—commercial pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers—add substantial costs over wholesale prices. Allowing prescribers to dispense routine drugs—often at a fraction of the price—would give patients a more affordable option.”
— Josh Archambault, co-author of “Prescriber Dispense Makes Sense: Massachusetts Can Lower Prescription Drug Costs by Joining 45 States that Allow Direct Dispensing.”

“Today’s recipient organizations contribute immeasurably to the life of our commonwealth as nonprofits fulfilling unique missions. The security enhancements made possible by this funding ensure their continued preparedness against potential threats. Our administration remains committed to ensuring the safety of those they service as centers of community, art and culture, learning and social services.”
—Gov. Maura Healey on a grant of $3 million in state nonprofit security grant funding for 47 organizations at increased risk of hate crimes or terror attacks.

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