By Bob Katzen

A new Massachusetts law that took effect last week would allow car dealers and sellers in Massachusetts to provide temporary 9-day license plates for vehicles that are purchased by out-of-state residents and allow them to use the plates until the vehicle can be driven to and registered in their home state. The measure went into effect last week but was originally approved by the Legislature and signed into law by former Gov. Charlie Baker in January. Under Massachusetts law, most new laws take effect 90 days following the governor’s signing of them.

Supporters say that under prior regulations, out-of-staters leave the dealership after a purchase and are forced to coordinate a complicated delivery across state lines to their home state while the new law will allow these buyers to take their vehicles home straight off the lot rather than wait for delivery. They argue this will save dealerships and consumers the cost of delivery and ensure that the sales tax revenue flows to Bay State coffers rather than to those of the buyer’s home state.

“Big news!” tweeted Rep. Smitty Pignatelli (D-Lenox). “Effective today, the @MassRMV will start issuing temporary registration plates. This policy will generate millions in revenue for our commonwealth and is an added convenience to customers and dealers. Glad to be a part of the team that worked hard to get this done.”

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