Letter from the Editor: Letter from the Editor:Kitchen Gas Cooking Stoves Soon to be Outlawed!

Photos by Fox News

By William Tauro

Just when you thought we heard enough stupidity over the past few years, here we go again. Now the White House wants to ban natural gas cooking stoves! Just imagine an Italian restaurant trying to cook Chicken Cacciatore or a Chinese restaurant trying to cook Beef lo mein in a wok using an electric stove, not happening!

As it is now in Cambridge and in Somerville if you try to pull a permit to change your old non functional water heater to replace it, they won’t give you a permit because they want you to convert over to an electric tankless water system. The world needs to bring back common sense and fast before it’s too late!

PS: Notice the photo Dr Jill Biden, President Joe Biden’s wife, cooking Joe’s dinner on a gas stove. Imagine going to Santarpio’s and asking them to cook a garlic pizza in an electric oven definitely not happening! Unbelievable! It’s definitely time for change to bring back common sense!

Your thoughts?

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