By Bob Katzen

This bill Would require financial education to be offered in all Massachusetts schools and establishes a trust fund to finance course materials and teaching resources.

“When thinking about building a more equitable future for our children, requiring that schools in Massachusetts offer financial education from kindergarten through twelfth grade is a crucial step,” said the bill’s sponsor State Treasurer Deb Goldberg. “Research shows that students who participate in these learning opportunities are more likely to save, budget, invest and succeed financially. I hope that Massachusetts will join the 39 other states that have a state-level requirement.”

“While disappointed that the Committee on Education sent this bill to study, the work on this issue will not stop,” continued Goldberg. “I am exploring the possibility of launching a public-private partnership to offer professional development opportunities that cover economic education for teachers. This pilot program will demonstrate both the importance of financial literacy for students, and the need to provide resources to teachers and administrative staff.”

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