Going Back and Forth With Yourself Online, A Mental Illness Struggling With Different Personalities aka “Split Personality Disorder”

By William Tauro

I know many of you over the past few months have seen some very bizarre postings on different websites coming from different fictional characters with multiple fictional names, with fictional email addresses talking and fighting with each other over politics and obsessed mainly with me.

I can assure you that all these postings from all these multiple fictional characters are all coming from just one person and it’s a sign of a mental illness that this individual is displaying.

At least you know when I write an article about someone or something that I have the balls to sign my own name to it, unlike this keyboard coward who’s hiding behind his computer screen like a little cowardly punk. But what can you do if that’s what they are especially if he drinks all by himself at night like a fish? Sadly many of us have witnessed him in the past doing the same thing.

Fighting with yourself online with different fictional personal personalities and different fictional names is called being a big coward as well as it’s refferd to a mental disorder illness called “Split Personality Disorder!”

So when you see all those crazy postings online that appear to be from different fictional made up names, just remember that there from the same person who doesn’t have the courage to sign his own name to it. We all know exactly who he is by his IP addresses, but for now we’d rather not embarrass him. He’s extremely pathetic and at the same time desperately sad.

We’re all just hoping and praying that this person seeks the needed help and psychiatric treatment that he seriously needs.

According to an article that was medically reviewed by Alex Klein, PsyD and written by Jon Johnson on July 14, 2020 he wrote:

“Signs of Split personality disorder and it’s symptoms, causes and diagnosis of a split personality refers to dissociative identity disorder (DID), a mental disorder where a person has two or more distinct personalities. The thoughts, actions, and behaviors of each personality may be completely different.

People struggling with this mental disorder who have obtained and created different fictional personalities goes back to years of tauma that often causes this condition, particularly during their childhood. While there is no defined cure for DID, long-term treatment may help people combine their personalities into one.

What is split personality disorder? A split personality is a popular term for DID. In the past, DID was known as multiple personality disorder.
People with DID have two or more distinct personalities. They do not present as simple changes in traits or moods. A person with DID expresses significant differences between these alternate identities, which can also be referred to as alters.
Often, these personalities are completely different from each other. These fragmented personalities take control of the person’s identity for some time.
A person also maintains their primary or host identity, which is their original personality, and will answer to their given name. Their primary identity is generally more passive
Trusted Source, and they may be unaware of the other personalities.

When a personality change happens, the new personality will have a distinct history, a new identity, and different behaviors.

These split personalities, or alters, often have their own distinct:
* name
* age
* gender
* moods
* memories
* vocabulary
A new personality will see themselves differently. For instance, someone assigned male at birth may have an alternate identity as a woman. They may experience themselves with female biological sex characteristics.
The shift between these personalities tends to occur when a person faces a certain stressor or trigger.”

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