Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Being a Senior in Somerville and Handicapped

By Arthur Moore

In the last few years this is not a place to be if you are a senior or handicapped person. Seems like when the ADA got after cities years ago this one has made it even more impossible to live here. Many years ago when they started with the brick type crossing my father was one of the first to complain as these case many to trip in you use them.

We called them senior trippers. After warning the city may times they built more. Now that I am there I can see why you can’t pick up your legs very high anymore. My mom has tripped so many times on the sidewalks as she walked a lot but the sidewalks are terrible. She is gone a couple of years now but the sidewalks remain the same or worse. The biggest complaint is the Star being gone in Winter Hill. Sadly many elderly stopped by our front porch and to complain as that store was their lifeline. A store is still the number one thing needed here in Winter Hill as we have so many elderly. Many alone with nobody to help them. Some have problems with their children trying to visit due to the loss of parking due to the rarely used bike lane on Winter Hill. Never mind not being able to go get their nails done and hair as that was taken away from them. It’s bad enough so many are being forced out due to the Green Line that one wonders if this was ever worth it to provide rides for so few to hurt so many. I don’t take any pleasure in living here in Somerville anymore. Now that I can start walking again I go to Bensons in NH to walk. It’s nice, clean, even has rest rooms. And you have nothing to trip over. And you can park there and go walking. We no longer go the restaurants in Somerville except for Mt Vernon as they have parking. Sad part is not using the dining room and having to use the bar side. But I so much want to help the staff as they are wonderful people. I do take a chance on Leones as you really have to park in the bus lane. Otherwise I can’t go there. Granted once in a while you may get a spot. Nick is a great guy. Sadly his business went down with the Broadway improvements as they call it. And forget Assembly. Now a place for me. The restaurants are too much of a struggle. Got a ride to the T there once. Never again. Speaking of the T, they took away the one stop I could struggle to get to. So now I drive into Boston for my doc appointments. I have no place to park and get a bus here. Davis Square and Union Square I no longer even drive through it, never mind considering going there. It used to be a nice city. And I do mean used to. And with a new mayor I am looking for signs that maybe we can get help to stay here.

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