By Bob Katzen

The House 28-127, rejected an amendment that would eliminate a new charge that would add an estimated $1.37 to the average gas customer’s monthly bill. The estimated $23 million in new revenue would be used to fund training programs, tax credits and incentives for companies.

“This would amount to about a 2 percent increase in a natural gas user’s bill each month,” said amendment sponsor Kelly Pease (R-Westfield). “It does not sound like a lot, but during these inflationary times and with gas and oil prices going out of control due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is not the time to raise rates on the people of the commonwealth. The critics of the amendment said it would get rid of the trust fund which would do away with job training and tax credits as well. This is true. By removing the funding it would eliminate those parts of the bill, but I believe that given the commonwealth is very financially strong that the trust fund and programs should be paid for out of existing state funds and not be putting the burden onto the citizens of Massachusetts by adding a rate increase to their monthly bills.”

Rep Jeff Roy (D-Franklin), House Chair of the Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy, said that the amendment seeks to strike the meat and potatoes from all of the elements that will strengthen this industry.

“The amendment would have eliminated provisions of the bill that make crucial investments into offshore wind and other clean energy technologies,” said Roy. “Massachusetts stands to realize significant economic gains by investing in our green infrastructure and workforce, and that’s an opportunity for our constituents that we cannot pass up.”

Readers: Please read carefully what a “Yes” and “No” vote mean.

(The amendemnts was on striking the estimated $1.37 fee. Therefore a A “Yes” vote is against the fee. A “No” vote for the fee.)

Rep. Christine Barber No Rep. Mike Connolly No Rep. Erika Uyterhoeven No

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