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Happy Birthday to a number of Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville! Happy Birthday to Tammie Pothier Cota, Brehnen Hardy, Maureen Fucile, Jared Venezia, Sandy Courtney Russell, Traci Fenton, Dallas O’Brien, James Gallo, Jim Lovett, Bill Rogers, Michael Freedman, Peter Goodsell, John DiFava, Joseph DiPietro, Luigi Buonopane, Richard Lyons, Kennerh Fournier, Adam Miele, Kristine Foote,

Brooke O’Neil, Linda Saraiva-Lewis, Shyanne Deckow, Tracey-Ann Green, Lauren Candelino, Adamandia Tsardounis, Sabrina Perna, Pauline Iacopucci, Russell Campbell, Donald Mulligan, Rich Messina, Joanne Tsonis, Theresa Olivieri, Lawrence Taz Savoia, Bobby MacMillan, Rohan Goodsir, Susan Marie (Momma B Grammy), Leo Picard, Dennis Sinclair, John Arsenault, Christine Gravell-Santos, Sandi Drakoulakos (Martineau), Lorraine Gray, Bonnie Carney, Nancy Lynch, Gary Walsh, Diane MacMullen (Lady Di), Bonnie Botelho-Carney, David Alves, Alex Woo (胡天龍), Dana A. Wildes (Wildman), Will Ralph, Sandra Jean Wood Williams, Paul Mowatt, Jack Tierney (Jack), Joshua Resnek, Jason Marcos, Lynne Nelson, Van Amanda Le, Thomas Caterina, Anthony Leccese, Roy Moulton, Denise Chicoine (Niecy ), Susanne Daley, Gregg Paiva, Maureen Rebello Hagerty, Michael Fucile, Victoria Laws, Mary Dwyer-Mello, Daniela Del Carmen Amaro, Ginny Alexander Frost, Shannon Erika Eaton, Mrs Wong, Mrs Aguiar and Happy 92nd Birthday to Mrs Murphy

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Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

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