Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Brandon TRACY (Shoplifting) (Boston Warrants)

On 08/11/2021, while assigned to marked unit East-4, I was dispatched to Assembly Row with West-5, Officer Gee, for a shoplifter. Dispatch advised a white male with green luggage was being followed by TJ Maxx security that had shoplifted.

I was flagged down by a party, later to be identified as Mr. XXXX. He pointed out a party who was known to me as Mr. Brandon Tracy. I pulled over and advised Mr. Tracy to sit on the sidewalk. I explained that I was informed he had stolen from TJ Maxx. He stated that he did and pointed out the bags he was carrying and said “I’m Sorry” I searched Mr. Tracy’s bags and found a number of items that had TJ Maxx tags on them. Mr. XXXX took the items to get me a total. I have listed the items on this report. A CJIS Query through dispatch advised Mr. Tracy had two warrants. He was placed under the arrest (DL) and transported via unit 200, the prisoner transport vehicle by Officer Sullivan. I then made my way back to the store to get a full statement from Me. XXXX said he stated that he began watching Mr. Tracy as he was known to him as a shoplifter. He stated that Mr. Tracy entered the area of the products, selected the items, concealed the items in several bags, and exited the store, bypassing all points of sale, without making any effort to pay for the items. Mr. Tracy was booked in the usual Manner by Lieutenant W. Rymill. I will be charging Mr. Tracy with Shoplifting by Asportation, second offense.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Christopher Fusco #328

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