Somerville Mayoral Candidate William Tauro to Host Meeting on Dec 10th from 6PM-7PM to Discuss Ramifications and Current Policies Concerning The Special Needs, Autistic Individuals, Disabled Children That the City May Not Provide Enough Needs to Meet Their Demands

We would like to cordially invite the general public to an open meeting to discuss the ramifications and current policies concerning the special needs, autistic individuals, and all other disabled children that the city may not provide enough needs to meet their demands.

Our focus is to create a special Committee for this subject. We would like assist in getting the real concerns addressed. Our major goals are to establish a more Civic involvement in local Government and host social events for the individuals and their families. We will be seeking to secure funding through different avenues including grants and local budget allotments. There has been expressed interest most recently, and concerns, that families would desire a more effective social platform to compare, difficulties and solutions with other families. Once next years election for Mayor concludes, we expect this newly formed Committee to maintain the ability, and established organization to hit the ground running and gain a better foothold for a more involved future, throughout the Community..

Bringing a community morality back together is our focus goal . We hope you will join us and give us the necessary feedback so we might have a better understanding.

For more information contact William Tauro at

The meeting will be held according to covid rules. Please wear masks properly, and, sanitizer will be made available for further protection. The time and date will be as follows

William Tauro

Thursday, December 10th from 6PM-7PM
This public meeting will be held at the Committee to Elect William Tauro Campaign Headquarters office located at 149A Highland Avenue in Somerville.

Covid restrictions and guideline rules will be followed during this meeting. The public is welcome attend. Masks must be worn at all times.

If you cannot attend please forward your questions and/or input or request for further information to William Tauro by emailing: or by calling Rick at (857) 293-3352

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