Somerville Remembering Former Somerville 2017 Mayoral Candidate Kenneth VanBuskirk

By William Tauro

Our sincere condolences thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Kenneth VanBuskirk on his passing.

Kenneth VanBuskirk was a wonderful person with a heart of gold who always gave 110% to better the community that he loved in Somerville.

After Kenneth had lost in the Somerville Primary Election that September, he graciously sent the following message to the remaining candidate, Peyton Corbett who was still in the race that went onto the general election in 2017 and then loosing the election to the incumbent mayor: “You did really well in the Preliminary and I think that you are a great candidate for Mayor. The hopes of all of us Somervillians who want change up at City Hall rest on you. You have my full support in the General Election.” -Ken Van Buskirk”

Kenneth VanBuskirk will be sadly missed here in Somerville.

Kenneth VanBuskirk’s Obituary:

Kenneth Charles VanBuskirk died on September 28, 2020 in Somerville, Massachusetts. He was born in Shirley, Massachusetts on May 9,1959, while his father was stationed at Fort Devens. Ken spent most of his childhood in Cornwall, New York. He graduated from Cornwall Central High School in 1977, followed by a degree in French and Business from SUNY at Albany in 1981. He had an aptitude for and a love of language, and spoke many. He had a passion for politics, and was involved in local politics in Massachusetts, where he lived for many years. Ken was predeceased by his father, Kenneth Charles VanBuskirk, Jr., and his sister Susan. He is survived by his mother, Joan VanBuskirk; his sister Sarah Harrington and her husband John. He is also survived by nieces Jacqueline Mappes, (Carlos Pimentel), Maeve and Frances Harrington, nephew Matthew Mappes, (Shelby) and 2 great nieces. Funeral mass and burial were private.

4 thoughts on “Somerville Remembering Former Somerville 2017 Mayoral Candidate Kenneth VanBuskirk”

  1. Ken was a class act who had a strong love for Somerville. May he rest in peace and may others learn and execute a similar, genuine dedication to this City.

  2. He was a man of great faith my wife and I often saw him at St Catherine church, and many times we saw him during the week at St Anthony church. He is a great friend and we will miss him. Anthony and Maureen Capobianco

  3. He was a nice man and I am glad to have had time to talk to him during the elections and at the Somerville Labor Coalition’s Candidate’s night. My condolences to his family.

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