Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Curtatone has no problem lighting up Prospect Hill Tower in blue when it comes to his crooked party but not for when it comes to the police who protect us

Just wanted to pass on some thoughts on Somerville’s dear leader Joe Curtatone in Somerville.

Lighting up the Prospect Hill Tower in blue to symbolize the presumptive win by the Democratic Biden-Harris Team. But Curtatone has no problem telling firefighters to take down Blue Lives Matter flag. Outrageous!

As a public employee in fear of Curtaphony’s retaliation track record on defectors who speak up, please keep my name out of it but happy to make sure you have enough ideas to impeach his management of the pandemic and his virtue signaling at tax payer expense.

No offense, I tried to walk a fine line between knowing you and him. But I can’t stand the stuff he says or does anymore.

William Tauro’s response:

Believe me I get it, I get it 100% no worries, just remember when you’re behind that election curtain that you cast your vote for William Billy Tauro! Thank you!

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