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Many Villens celebrating birthdays in the Ville and Square this week. Happy Birthday greetings go out to Sam Halloran, Joe Basile, Kathleen Casey, Scott Cunha, Ed Flynn, Steve Hardy, Brooke Catino, Kate Devine, Marlene Foster Bouchard, Jason Mesiti, Patricia Alves, CJ Cyrus,

Nellie Athas, Steven Roderick, Theodore R Tower JR, Donelle O’’Neil, Meghan Belkner, Terrence Gartland, Stephanie Amber, Danielle Anderson, Lisa Edmunds Frazer, Christina Cara, Mrs Reeves, Mina Marko, Paul Mucci, Diane Sylvester Ames, Mike DiBacco, Ann Marie, Kenny Costa, Dori Cameron, Fred Corriera, Arlene Casey, Herc Kalos, Tammy Vanni, Jorge Morel, Iolanda Direnzo, Johnny Flynn, Lisa Russo, Michael J Murphy, Nancy O’brien, Annmarie Pastore Doucette, Joyce Davis Gochakowski, Maria M Russo, Sheila Ripley, Betsy Almeida Pesce, Ronald Ricci, Kristine Toland Gogos, Juliana Braz, Arthur Drouin, Gina and Johnathan Nascimento, Peggy Foley Arbeene, Charles Menard Sr., Mary Bean Fitzgerald, Diane Roderick, Michelle Patrice, Carrie Ranelli, James Cannatelli, Lisa Michelle Gray, Joe Deguglielmo and Stephen Libby Sr.

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