Somerville Salvation Army You’re Better Than This


By William Tauro

Come on Somerville Salvation Army, you guys are better than this! This is the scene on Memorial Day 2020 at 10:00am Monday morning in front of that Salvation Army building that’s located on Somerville’s main roadway at 487 Broadway in Somerville.

Motorist commuting through our city to and from Arlington, Cambridge, Medford and other surrounding cities and towns get the pleasure of looking at this horrific sight and judging and rating on how we look amongst other municipalities. Even more important our own‘s Somerville residents  have to look at this crap.

The city can’t be fast enough to tag Somerville residents for their garbage cans being uncovered or a garage bag that a raccoon or a big Somerville rat got to feast on making a mess, but how do they overlook something as obvious as this eyesore? Do you mean to tell me that our mayor, DPW Commissioner nor any and all of our city Council members haven’t driven by this dump in the past day, week, month or so and/or noticed nor even bothered reporting it? Maybe our elected officials just don’t give a crap because it’s not election time yet and their not worried about it? Please give me a break!

8 thoughts on “Somerville Salvation Army You’re Better Than This”

  1. A Somerville Police cruiser was right in front of me at the red light at the entrance watching the people go thru all the stuff and did nothing, SURPRISED? NOT! why should they turn around and tell the people to run along they are trespassing, oh that consists of them working and getting out of their car! smdh unfortunately people go thru the stuff there all the time and leave it a mess.

  2. They are closed like everything else. Donations shouldn’t be left there. They are rifled through, rained on, smell like mildew, and probably aren’t any use now. The mess left by Somerville residents for Salvation Army to clean up, although well meant, is not helpful to anyone. If you are decluttering your houses don’t dump it here, keep it until the mayor permits them to reopen and they resume accepting donations, they have signs up.

  3. It hasn’t looked like this for days, weeks, etc. How can you blame a business that is closed and not accepting donations for weeks for the mess left outside?

  4. This is NOT out front, it is on the right side in the back of a private driveway, so you have to stop your car on Broadway in order to see it. And every time someone drops off donations, the people who live in the house in back of that driveway R.I.P. open and steal what they can, it’s disgusting

  5. If it where me or you we would get a fine ! I got a fine for
    A trash
    On my property
    In my yard with toys in it. They claim it was
    For sanitation reasons it was in my yard
    First all, and second of all it was broken toys to thow away
    On trash day. These people
    Had no rite to even take a picture
    Through my fence
    Anb fine me
    . I called the
    Women told me you cant win they dont
    Care you have to pay the fine. Lets see if
    They give a fine with this discrace its all political they see what they want to

  6. Sad cause people donate with good intentions and then scavengers come and rip bags and throw everything all over the place they should post and outdoor camera and arrest these people. They are committing larceny

    1. You are correct I have dropped things off and the scavengers rip all the bags open throw stuff all over the place and steal anything of value it’s not right people donate to them because it is a good cause but by the time the open in the morning anything of value is taken the night before.

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