City of Somerville on Vacation?

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By Arthur Moore

It seems  like since this virus got started although we didn’t see or hear much from our city council members before, now we see or hear even less now.

This is what happens when we have something to do? Now is the time for them to roll up their shirt sleeves and start earning their pay. Actually they should already have been working.

All over the country people are working out ways to gets us back to working. From shower curtains in restaurants to new sanitation methods. Each and every thing we can do is one more step to keep us from going under. Businesses should have 6 months income put aside for things like this. Its unlikely most can do that as they are not making that kind of money.

Now its double the cost for them to survive as not only are they not making money they are paying to keep the business as well. Even if these small businesses can get a loan it is just another obstacle as that has to be paid back and we are sitting in an unknown situation.

We need to be working on what we can do safely to get business back up and running. Even if on a limited basis. Each and every thing we can do is one step closer to getting back on our feet again. We are not going to survive just sitting and waiting. This is a great country and we were always able to work through things.

There is much that can be done if we just put some effort into it and do some research. I see nothing from our elected official except repeating what the higher ups say. So that takes five minutes. We don’t have to wait to do things if there is a way to do them safely. Let’s get started on this.

There should be talks between the business owners, the city, and heath department. Between them maybe they can work out a way to do something. I know I would rather make half of what I used to then nothing at all. This is just common sense. You don’t have to look far to see the problems all this is creating.

Let’s be safe and at the same time do our best at keeping this country from going under. And while I am at it get someone to take down those poles for the unused protected bike lane in Winter Hill so if anyone in that new building can get started again they will have a chance of surviving.

I don’t know who wants them to go out of business but now is not the time to continue this crusade against them. Never mind the ada issues. Start putting the people here first.

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