A Poem by Albie Cremin “ Fallen Marine”


So many things I thought
as to why I stay awake
The memories of pain
the war from what it takes
My brother was a fighter
a man of many words
A Marine with such a strength Devil with his sword
As this day approaches
so many things had left
For reason of my thinking
of his fight with his last breath
I write to tell a story
of what he did today
and hopes to find a light
As my soul did drift away
A Marine is something different
Cost more than all the gold
You’re strength and devotion
is something never sold
Brother that I knew
had shown me all my life
I watch this man of honor
get married to his wife
He left behind his children
the ones who have no dad!
And I cry inside my heart
with sadness when I’m mad
So bare to get me thinking
and write among the world
So tonight when we are fighting
a Marine’s story is never Told.

© Albie Cremin

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