Legalize Undocumented Immigrants


By Arthur Moore

I have been working on this idea for some time now. Have been told it was a good idea by various politicians. So I have decided to start a petition that maybe will open someone’s eyes and get something going. I just want to see the problem solved in some way to make most people happy. It is not the way we intended to go but this has grown so big there is no way to solve it by simply deporting all illegals. And at the same time not to reward them and just handing them a citizenship. The people doing the work on becoming a citizen legally should not be thrown aside and have people step in front of them either. And just letting the problem sit there and doing nothing helps either. My thought was to start a second card system. Just for the purpose of demonstration I will call it the orange card. I would allow all illegals to sign up for this. This gets them in the computer to start with. Simply put the holder of the orange card would have to be someone with US values at heart. It would be a five year card and during that time would have to adhere to the law simply put. If not they would be prosecuted and deported. And completing five years of being a good citizen you would qualify for a green card which averages five years to become a citizen. This is just a rough draft to give an idea of how it would work. Maybe ten years is along time but now they have nothing. ICE would then mostly be concerned with those of a criminal nature and not the people who are decent and honest. Those of a criminal nature I am sure are not wanted by illegals as well as us. There is much to be worked out and to get officials involved and getting some kind of process going where we can resolve this. I have started a petition which is a rough draft just to get it going and to use to get attention in case the plan has merit. I have addressed it to Donald Trump as I do not know where it should go yet but just to get it up and running.

The petition is at

I also started a FB page but that is a private group just to keep it under control. That is for discussion on what to do and how to make this work more than anything else. It is called Legalize Undocumented Immigrants

I want to state that I am no expert at this and my writing was not meant to offend anyone. I am just sick and tired of watching how this has gone on and it just looks like our elected officials are just not doing anything or just a bunch of talking instead of working together and actually trying to solve the problem at hand. The problem has grown to the point where just so called rounding them out is just not feasible. I have no doubt in that there are many good people that we should welcome here. Some not so much. I am very open minded and creative suggestions to resolve this are welcome. It looks to me like we have to solve it as the people we have elected to represent us are not, they have had years to do something.

Thank You Arthur Moore

4 thoughts on “Legalize Undocumented Immigrants”

  1. There already is a system in place for becoming an American citizen. Ask immigrants who have gone through the process. They will tell you how to lawfully become a citizen without breaking laws. They will also explain how upset they are with immigrants who sneak in here illegally to duck going through the process so they can live off the system. They will also explain that after they’ve gone through the process, they then could reap the benefits of being a citizen such as getting a drivers license, increased employment opportunities, making a positive life here etc.

    If that’s not enough for you, try explaining your heroic idea to the families who have had to deal with a loved one being murdered by illegal alien criminals, gang members etc. or just victims of a violent crime.

    In today’s society a lot is said about people, certain groups being offended, triggered(that’s a popular one), needing a safe space etc. I think I mentioned above at least a couple of groups who may fall into those categories upon reading this article too. You need to know that your audience isn’t only compromised of progressive, left wing, politically correct leaning people who think the system is broken. The laws are already in place.

    1. I am sorry but I think you misunderstood what I am trying to say. I admit I am not very good at it. I am looking to get criminals and dead beats out of here. It would be a ten year process. Criminals trying to get into it would be turned over to ICE. One conviction and your gone. You have to support yourself. Things along this line. I don’t think it’s possible that we can get them all together and deport them. I am just looking for an alternative approach, not a gift.

  2. Good work .you should run for office.5 yrs is a long time they will draw a lot of money out of system to pay for needs without paying any taxes or social security/Medicare but it’s a good start

    1. Thanks Bil, it’s just an idea. Things like being self supported and when the right to a drivers is earned. Actually it’s a ten year process. I wanted to get it out there while I was still here. My intentions were not for a free ride.

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