What is this city waiting for? The death of Winter Hill businesses?

By Arthur Moore

The politicians are back from vacation and got sworn in and made their nice sounding speeches while the business people in Winter Hill show up each day hoping to have their customers back from the city blocking their businesses.

It’s so sad to go up to Broadway each day and still see those posts up in the unused protected bike lane. You would think after all the people here in Winter Hill have brought up that is the least the powers that be could have done was to give the parking back to the businesses of Winter Hill that they robbed them of. It has discouraged so much business there. It is so obvious just driving by what hard this has done to our business people here.

There is no reason for this unused bike lane to stay there. Serves no purpose but to take away customers from the local business people and cause a hardship on the less mobile people in the apartment buildings along the way. Now that the holidays are over I don’t understand why this just sits there and hurts people’s lives.

The city officials got their vacation and put back into office to do what? We have a country where we are supposed to be electing people to represent us. Where has that concept gone? This has gone on since September and right away they knew it was wrong. And especially this unused bike lane. What do these people do? We had a meeting with the whole city so obviously they all know.

I know rumor has it that most everyone of our council members are not interested as they have no power. Neither do we but we are making our voices heard to rectify the situation. It’s time for the council to step up and revise the charter so they have the power to step in for the people when needed in an emergency like this.

This is not right. And to let it go on and on? We have a traffic department that is completely oblivious to the needs of the community. Since we can’t elect them we are stuck with whoever is put in there. Maybe we need to change that also so we can take back our city and start running it right. Better yet, give the people permission to take down those plastic posts so we can get on with our lives here in Winter Hill. This country fought for its freedom based on taxation without representation. Guess what? That is exactly what we have now. Look around.

Would there be a difference if one of their relatives had a business there? The people are waiting and we are getting tired of it. Or are you waiting for the businesses to go under and then step in? There is no logic in this at all. It appears to be more intentional to punish people at this point.

I hope all of you can sleep at night. Does anybody have a conscious at city hall?

3 thoughts on “What is this city waiting for? The death of Winter Hill businesses?”

  1. Tells you why the Times put them on their list this year.
    *Worst Idea in 2019:
    Bus lanes on Broadway

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