The Somerville News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the Week

Happy Birthday to a number of Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville! Happy Birthday to John Colleran, Robin Zannoni Birolini, Robert Finocchiaro, Louise A Bernard, Lee Anderson, Antoinette Brooks, Michelle Cassidy, Jessica Resmini, Joanne Montalto Keefe, Dan Theman, Peter Blaikie, Laurie Loungo, John Ferrari, Janes Bussolari, Sergio Lemos, Stiletto Dee, Estee Verded, Jim Mangan, Nancy Fucile, Barney Doherty, Brenda Moschella, Donna Brissette Analetto, Bethann Tomeo, Peter Anthony, Jeff Villen, George Wilkes, Kat Rutkin, Michelle Sousa, Laura Dupont Vellucci, Brandon Toro, Koni Palmisano, Kelly Bombino, Danielle Connell, Rene Payzant and Happy 65th Birthday Vinny Coppola

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