2019 Mayoral Candidate Marianne Walles Setting The Record Straight

I recently received a call from CM Research. They were conducting a voter survey for the current administration. For some reason they were stating that I inherited my house. I am not sure what the political motivation would be to provide inaccurate information about me. I would ask are they confused about which candidate inherited property?

My husband and I worked hard to save money to buy our home. Is the motivation to imply that I have profited from my family? Again I would ask are you speaking abou the correct canidate? As I have discussed in meetings I worked my way through school. I can proudly say my husband and I have and continue to work hard for everything, like other working families, to be able to afford to live in Somerville.
I would like to highlight that I have been an advocate for housing, long before it became a political buzz word. For over 20 years I have helped people find housing, obtain funds to secure housing, and have advocated for them at eviction hearings.
My commitment to this community is embedded in our values. We support each other, we welcome all, and we are true to ourselves.

Marianne Walles

2 thoughts on “2019 Mayoral Candidate Marianne Walles Setting The Record Straight”

  1. There is a chance she may come over to Broadway today to talk to me today if she can. I am interested in hearing more of her thoughts than just the housing issues. I have been here for over 70 years and I would like very much to have someone who works for the people of this city for a change. To be honest I don’t know enough about her yet.

  2. All they have to do is Google “Somerville Online Assessor Database” and look up the address of a house. It will show who owns it, when they bought it and what they paid.

    I was impressed to learn that Marianne was 3rd Generation in the City. That’s not the only standard by which I judge someone as t their fitness for local office, but it helps. She and her husband are invested in the City. By extension of that, they are invested in the City’s future. I applaud her for simply running for Mayor. In so doing, she’s making a difference.

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