Elect Jack Connolly Somerville Councilor November 5th

The CTE Jack Connolly can’t thank each and everyone of you for your support thus far. Your contributions, your Citywide display of a Yard/Storefront Signs, your eagerness to “Bring Back Jack” is reassuring and greatly appreciated, but there is still much more to do during the upcoming month of October.

If you are interested and able to help Jack canvass with us, Would like to Join Jack with upcoming standouts, or even help distribute “Dear Friend Cards” to share your support. (We will even send them out for you, just give us an address) or if you still need a sign please let us know.

We are excited for the upcoming election, please join me and many others, supporting Jack Connolly for Somerville Councilor November 5th Polls Open 7am-8pm.

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